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For more information about our services call us.

You can speak with a director who will discuss your concerns. Part of the initial call will include what your child’s needs are, what area you live in, your child’s current schedule, your health insurance carrier or school district, and previous assessments (i.e., diagnostic, psychological, speech, IEP) for review.

If you’re requesting in-home or clinic-based services, once we collect the documentation necessary, we submit this information to your insurance company for an initial functional behavior assessment (FBA). The FBA is conducted by an inizio BCBA Clinical Supervisor and includes a parent interview, assessment of your child in different skill areas (e.g., language, social/play, self-help), and observation of your child’s behavior in the home, school, and community. The assessment process will allow us to create a unique and individualized program for your child based on his or her strengths and challenges. While the FBA is being conducted, we begin working on assembling the treatment team based on the schedule you’ve provided.