Annual Report

Jul 31, 2020

Each year Inizio Interventions creates an annual report that examines the services we provided to children and families over the last calendar year. We are excited to share the highlights below from 2019’s report.  
          • In 2019, Inizio served 183 children across Los Angeles county in the San Fernando Valley, greater Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, and South Bay areas.
          • At year-end, we employed 120 staff. Seventy-five percent had been with us for at least one year and nearly 1 in 5 had worked for three or more years.
          • The medium age of children starting services in 2019 was 4.7 years, with over half (52%) ages four or younger. This affords the opportunity to have a strong impact at a critical time.
          • Children under age 5 were served almost exclusively (94%) in-home, while older children were served equally in home and school settings.
          • Inizio engages children and families on a long-term basis. Eighty-one percent of children who began services in 2019 were still active at year end. The median length of services for active cases was 22 months. Eighty-five percent of children who left our agency in 2019 successfully graduated from our programs.
          • Results from the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, taken at regular intervals during children’s treatment, indicated positive outcomes over time. Communication skills increased, and problem behaviors decreased.
          • On an anonymous electronic survey, parents unanimously said they would recommend Inizio Interventions to others.
      The full 2019 Annual Report is available below. Learn more about our services on our Programs page or contact Inizio for additional information.

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