Clinic-Based Services

Apr 11, 2022

Welcome to Inizio Interventions. We are delighted to announce a long-awaited addition—clinic-based services. Our Pasadena location offers the following benefits in a positive, collaborative environment:

  • Specialized learning materials for all developmental stages
  • Blended teaching approaches in a controlled environment for optimized learning opportunities
  • Designated time for 1:1 instruction
  • Facilitated play opportunities with peers
  • Small group learning, self-help skills, daily living skills, learning-to-learn skills for school readiness
  • Rotation across all learning settings
  • Continuous on-site supervision by BCBAs
  • Trained behavior management teams
  • 1:1 parent education/parent training
  • Safe settings to address challenging behaviors
Summer applications are nearly full, and we are now accepting applications for Fall 2022. Call us for more details at (818) 937-0882. We’d like to save you a spot.

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