for Our Clients

Nov 9, 2022

Inizio works to understand the backgrounds of the clients we serve. Background factors include the following:

    • Culture
    • Gender
    • Religious beliefs
    • Sexual orientation
    • Socioeconomic status
In addition to diversity and inclusion training and discussions for current staff, Inizio strives to hire and retain a workforce representing the client populations we serve.

Inclusion means giving clients from all backgrounds a voice in providing and receiving high-quality ABA services. This starts with encouraging a diverse healthcare staff to participate in the client experience.

Equity involves making sure staff have the right tools to effectively do their jobs while ensuring clients have what they need to benefit from the best treatment practices.

Bolstering diversity and inclusion efforts allows Inizio to help patients receiving care and the clinicians providing that care. Inizio’s diversity and inclusion best practices in healthcare include the following:

Establish a diversity and inclusion team:  Dedicated diversity and inclusion team members can bring cultural awareness and perspectives to provide behavioral health services that help clients feel comfortable when receiving care.

Make diversity and inclusion issues an everyday conversation: Diversity and inclusion issues cannot exist as a one-time training module but can instead be part of daily operations and discussions.

Encourage training and development: Training and development programs can educate staff about recognizing unconscious biases to challenge assumptions.

Inizio takes on the responsibility to improve diversity and inclusion for patients and staff alike. Diversity and inclusion efforts can significantly enhance staff experiences from various workplace backgrounds, helping attract and retain qualified and high-performing administrative staff and clinicians to work for an organization with common goals. A diverse staff also helps clients from underrepresented backgrounds to feel comfortable during their treatment sessions.

Diversity and inclusion are essential in keeping clinicians engaged while improving the client experience. These diversity and inclusion best practices in ABA help guide Inizio in developing effective strategies for all.

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