for In-home Services During Covid-19

Jul 31, 2020

Throughout Covid-19, Inizio has provided in-home services to children who require this medically necessary service. Our safety protocols continue to be updated and we hope that it gives families the peace of mind that we can safely and responsibly offer these services.

Safety Gear. Our behavior teams are equipped with personal protective equipment and are required to wear masks and observe handwashing, cleaning, and sanitation routines before, during, and following in-home services. Because we wear masks to keep the child and family safe, we ask that families wear masks during in-home services to safeguard the behavior therapists. Upon request, we provide masks for family members. Inizio understands that many children cannot tolerate wearing masks and for that reason we do not require it for the children; however, we can build that skill into the child’s daily activities.

Controlled Contact. Only one therapist is placed on an in-home case and that therapist serves a maximum of 1-2 children weekly in the home setting. In many cases, Inizio’s BCBA clinical supervisors continue to supervise via telehealth to keep any outside exposure in the family home to a minimum.

Testing. Inizio is quick to respond to any therapist or family exposure to Covid-19 by quickly suspending services, requiring testing to those who have been exposed, and only returning to services when the test results are favorable. Similarly, if a family member or therapist exhibits symptoms but is not aware of a Covid-19 exposure, in-home services are suspended until that individual is tested and test results come back negative. Whenever services are suspended, the supervisor and parent discuss the option of having telehealth services during the period that in-home services are on hold.

When in-home services are not yet an option for the family, Inizio offers a variety of telehealth service models that are usually covered by insurance and can keep your child’s individualized skill goals on track. Please read about our Access to ABA Services through Telehealth for more details.

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