Erica Lau MS / BCBA  
Regional Clinical Director

Dec 2, 2018

I started at Inizio as a behavior therapist a little over 3 years ago in the Los Angeles, CA region. As a behavior therapist, I worked directly with children and families on behavior reduction and functional skill programs. I worked mostly in the home setting collecting data on programs, assisting parent training, and following protocols prescribed by the clinical supervisor. Towards the end of my first year as a behavior therapist, I passed my BCBA exam and was offered a position as Clinical Supervisor. Under the guidance of Inizio co-founders, Cara Stearns Entz, MFT, BCBA and Sally Torrens, MFT, BCBA, my skills as a behavior analyst grew exponentially. As a clinical supervisor, I designed and oversaw behavior treatment programs to help children increase functional skills and reduce maladaptive behaviors. I also assessed and wrote progress reports for each client. I think the most important role of a clinical supervisor is to provide adequate training to new and current behavior therapists so we can seamlessly provide the best support to our clients and their families.

Currently, I am the Regional Clinical Director for the Los Angeles, CA region. Some responsibilities I have include overseeing our four clinical supervisors and their clients, training new clinical supervisors, interviewing new behavior therapist candidates, assessing productivity, communicating with parents and visiting cases to ensure quality service, working with the Los Angeles region scheduler, while continuing to see clients in the home and school environment. Though my responsibilities have increased as the Regional Clinical Director, it has also helped me fine tune my existing skills and learn so many more new management skills. Inizio has provided me with a safe learning and working environment, motivation from a wonderful team of co-workers, and feeling like a valued part of a team.

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