ABA therapy in Orlando, FL

We approach ABA therapy differently. We create a plan that will work best for you and your child. So if it’s best to meet in a park, let’s do that. Or if you’d like us to come to your home, we’re here. Our goal is to create the most successful outcomes for every child we serve in Orlando.

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ABA Therapy Services in Orlando

In-Home ABA Therapy in Orlando, FL

In-Home ABA Therapy
in Orlando, FL

We are happy to come to you to provide customized ABA therapy based on your child’s needs and interests.

School Based ABA Therapy in Orlando, FL

School Based ABA Therapy
in Orlando, FL

We work with your child to improve their success at school by developing listening, speaking, group learning, and interaction skills.

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ABA Therapy Near
Orlando, FL

Our Orlando region currently provides ABA therapy in the following areas:

Volusia County - Seminole County - Osceola County - Orange County- Lake County - Brevard County

If you live near one of our service areas, but don’t see your city or county listed, please contact us about starting services at info@kyocare.com or 1 (877) 264-6747.

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We Work With Your Health Insurance

ABA Therapy Coverage
in Orlando

We believe all families should be able to access high quality ABA therapy services. Kyo is proud to be in-network with most major health payers as well as medicaid in most states. We are expanding our list daily! To find out if you have coverage for our ABA therapy services, contact our client services department at info@kyocare.com or 1 (877) 264-6747.

Not Sure If ABA Therapy Is Right For You?

Learn More About ABA Therapy

Receiving a diagnosis that your child is on the autism spectrum can be overwhelming—it can be hard to know what to do next or where to start looking for support for your child and your family. With so many different therapies and opinions out there, it can be challenging to know what’s best for your child.

To help guide your next steps, we’ve gathered a list of the questions about ABA therapy we hear most often from parents during our initial consultations and provided our best information and guidance.

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ABA Therapy Jobs
in Orlando

Ready to start a new career? We know you have options. As a Behavior Therapist (BT) at Kyo, you could help children with autism develop skills through fun, play-based therapy sessions. Being a BT can serve as a launching pad to a variety of different careers!

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